Analysis of the advantages of the cooked food in the middle of brine

today Xiaobian to this one food project to introduce that a powerful, multi join advantage all say not over, what are the specific advantages, see the following introduction!

halogen Xian cooked food to join the advantages of

1, senior brand, trusted: halogen Xian was founded in Anhui Hefei, is a well-known brand of Henry Catering Management Co. Ltd., after years of hard work now has a strong, has gradually become the China restaurant chain management field in a shining star.

2, rich dishes and profitable: halogen rich Xian products, special products, red halogen series, white halogen series, spicy series, special snack and so on, the main products: original spicy roasted spicy steamed duck bone, halogen series: crisp chicken, taste good, everyone is like the seasons, hot the purchase price of raw materials; cheap, brine pan finished Lucai price doubled, the production process is simple and unique Xian plus halogen halogen, let every Xian stores low cost, high price net.

3, simple operation guide: halogen cents all technical training has been standardized operation, standardized ingredients, according to the book material, can let all learn the franchisee can master the technology Lucai easy to understand, but also a skilled and experienced teacher taught you how to make food. In Xian and halogen based on continuous development to the only one not only soup water, let the cost compared to other franchisees do Lucai down several times the cost of food.

4, less investment, low risk, simple, lucrative: only twenty thousand or thirty thousand, you can get the core technology and equipment all the more professional managers to help you shop, free of charge for your absolute guarantee that your interests give advice and suggestions. Investment risk, the investment risk is a small halogen Fairy "feature" one, let you in the investment in the investment of halogen cents when the ease of comfort. The risk is small, halogen fairy business simple, easier to operate, so that you in the shortest possible time to grasp the operation of the halogen cents.

5, rich experience, a complete management system: halogen Xian for many years engaged in the food shop to join, has a wealth of management experience and experience to join, let the franchisee investment process less detours.

6, the characteristics of food, broad prospects: Tougu spicy duck and chicken is the one and only the characteristic fragrance Xian halogen lo. Love to eat four men and women, old and young, hot, manufacture and sale rights as long as they have joined in Xian Xian features halogen Tougu spicy duck chicken fragrance, halogen lo. Compared with other specialty brands, there is no absolute advantage.

7, Zuzhuanmifang, has a long history: Zuzhuanmifang, twenty-seventh generation > Shao

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