Beijing gas reform new regulations know

in the modern urban life, gas has been accompanied by life must be used, but the use of gas safety issues, has become a topic of great concern. According to the relevant person in charge of the city management committee gas, before the city’s gas supply companies and residents of the right to use the gas on the rights and obligations of the main verbal, the lack of expressly agreed. "A lot of people don’t even know their own equipment, gas stove, life, this will be listed in the contract are." The official said, the contract will be recorded in detail with the residents of the gas situation, including the use of gas sites, housing purposes, gas burning appliances and gas meter list.


list in the detailed records of gas stoves, gas water heater, boiler, gas meter, brand type, quantity, installation time, installation unit etc..

for some of the gas accident had occurred before the dispute caused by compensation for the phenomenon, the model text also made provisions. The gas meter and the pipeline, valve and auxiliary facilities in the front of the meter shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair, replacement and the corresponding expenses of the gas supply enterprise. Users find indoor gas facilities, gas leakage accident, abnormal gas stop fault or other safety hazards, to repair gas supply enterprises at any time; gas supply enterprises shall provide 24 hours on duty repair service, immediately arrange personnel door verification, maintenance for gas leakage to repair.

text pointed out that the gas supply companies should take the initiative to the user to the public about the safety of gas, quality, quality standards and service quality commitments, while providing 24 hours of emergency gas service in the non sale of gas service hours. Due to the need to temporarily adjust the gas supply or suspend the supply of gas, such as scheduled maintenance, replacement facilities, etc., should be 48 hours ahead of the user’s residential units, such as the location of the door or elevator publicity.

currently, more than 5 million 600 thousand users of gas group, accounting for the city’s total of 93%. The group relevant responsible person said, before the user purchase gas mainly through bank window or self-service machine, taking into account the bank Business Hours, is currently the city’s community building purchase gas self-service site, has opened 38. Meanwhile, the gas group is also the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing postal savings bank, Beijing rural commercial banks and other communications, increase ATM self-service gas purchase services. Construction Bank should be put into use next month, the other is the end of the year or early next year put into use." By then, the city’s users can easily buy 24 hours in the bank ATM machine gas.

according to the plan, the contract model text for 10 days, will be launched early next year in the city. In order to better facilitate the users, the text of the contract except for publicity in the residential area, inform the staff inspection, the relevant units and enterprises are also on the promotion through the Internet, mobile phone and so on, "is recommended

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