What are the contents of the training of home textile stores

people visit a home textile stores, will want to be able to get the help of the clerk, in their help can find suitable for their home textile products, so that the clerk played an important role.

Knowledge of

1. products: although sales positions have in common, but the textile products and clothing, these cars are still very different, the guide should learn related product knowledge before they start, have a certain understanding of textile products, the answers to.

2.: display skills such as clothing sales need to understand how collocation clothing, clothing display to achieve better sales, home is the same, the store display is an important factor to attract customers, if not shopping on display, customer requirements can not be re launched after watching the display, customers will have a bad impression to the store.

3. product packaging: if customers fancy products was the only store shopping day kind of, need to re package is good, so also will need to guide the product packaging.

to join the regular textile store clerk for training, so that they can gain more expertise in the sales process in the future, the product concept and brand meaning to tell consumers, to achieve the sales.

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