Rational thinking about joining the brand clothing

we all know that the people pursue a brand in dress, brand dress has gradually become a mainstream, so to attract a lot of people to choose the road of entrepreneurship, but what are the advantages and disadvantages, the key is how to rationally.

advantages: have rich experience in the operation of the brand, the product and the terminal control ability is very strong, the franchise system has been perfect. For franchisees, the other side can provide sufficient support, including product development, store design, merchandise display, customer management, etc..

disadvantages: join the higher threshold, the franchise fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars, single product profit margins less. Such a strong local brands will focus more on brand maintenance, pay more attention to the status of the store, and no time to take into account the franchisee management. Therefore, the terminal franchisee will often complain that the goods are not sold when the arrival of the season, not to sell the style into inventory. Rise of the brand

advantages: in the market has achieved some popularity, a product has achieved good results in the breakdown of the market, is a strong brand to join the threshold is low, the corresponding goods rate is low, the profit margins of large single goods.

disadvantages: this kind of brand is the most production transformation of brand, the success of a great chance, the lack of long-term brand strategy, brand image is not fixed, does not form a stable brand image in the minds of consumers. Lack of terminal retail management experience, although there are considerable marketing network, but the difference in the image of the store around the larger. Once you do too much abuse, the last part of the loss will be pressure on the franchisee. Just entered the market brand

this kind of brand operators is originally engaged in garment processing enterprises or brand management, market segmentation, finding a reasonable position, look forward to in the market share.

disadvantages: the brand marketing channels mainly rely on joining system, no brand awareness, it is difficult to expand the market. If not to absorb a certain number of franchisees, the goods and capital flow, it may not, once mismanagement, prone to unilaterally tore up the contract, who joined the appeal without the door.

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