Juetaliangzhichuan made great success on the Golden Venture

general use pedal two ship to describe a person, is not good, which itself is a derogatory term, but now there are one foot two ship has made great success in the career, this is about the golden retriever!

count down, more than and 40 year old on the textile industry has been more than 10 years to join the golden retriever. In the textile industry and environment change, he did not see the too many people are concerned about the textile industry, obsessed with the start of curtain cloth business, and made him become a leader in the development of textile industry in our city. "". Now more than 6 thousand square meters of land, the annual output value of about 20000000 yuan to become the king of the golden cloth on the small local celebrity "".

"cloth king" and agriculture become attached by accident. Last year, Wuxing district government organized a group of business owners to go to Zhejiang University training class, to broaden their thinking, learn some modern management philosophy, to catch the golden retriever on this car for car. It is also through this training, so that he had the idea of investing in agriculture.

"that Professor in class of circular economy and ecological relationships, I will find the professor after class, ask the operability of the development of ecological agriculture." Talk about the golden recalls. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the water quality in Taihu, Taihu, including the southern coast of Taihu industrial land is strictly limited, the southern Taihu large tracts of fertile land if the development of ecological agriculture, the prospects are promising." The professor’s words were firmly in his mind.

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but for the selection on the golden hand very firmly, he finds a bright prospect for the development of modern agriculture, on the other hand, his wife bought 300 thousand yuan of insurance, it is leaves room for the family. Ready, in accordance with the original in Zhejiang during the training idea, the second half of last year he went to the business sector registered and established Huzhou purple Xin agricultural ecological Co. ltd..

To know oneself is

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