How Yin’s chicken soup juice

soup is always with its thin filling large, of course, is famous for its delicious soup. There are also many China soup brand, each brand characteristics. If you choose to open a soup shop as their own entrepreneurial choice for Yin’s chicken soup juice do you recommend.

Yin’s chicken soup juice was founded in 1991. The soup flavor in particular, fine workmanship, filling with fresh pork by dozens of processing procedures and strict health checks, but with a unique Yin made soup ingredients, all artificial hand roll formed with filling, thin skin, delicious characteristics eat up, there must be gently move, slowly, the first window, pay attention to eat a bowl of soup, called Jinling a must! Over the years by the Nanjing people’s favorite! All attract many food lovers come to taste! So Yin’s chicken juice soup jiamengfei

how much?

Yin’s chicken juice soup jiamengfei number

Yin’s chicken juice soup to join the cost:

5 million

management fee: 10 thousand

per year

margin: 10 thousand

Yin’s chicken juice soup to join conditions:

1, love food and beverage business, identification with company concept, abide by the company’s articles of Association;

2, with food and beverage management experience and ability;

3, have enough start-up funds;

4, there is an ideal place to start;

5, establish a good social network;

Yin’s chicken juice soup service system:

1, unified technical formula.

2, the core ingredients direct distribution.

3, store unified CI image.

4, unified management model

5, unified business supplies.

6, long-term technical support and technical personnel on-site guidance assistance.

7, marketing guidance opened.

8, headquarters to join the franchisee to ensure that the region within 2 kilometers of the development of second stores.

above is the Yin chicken soup

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