Xiamen 9 companies to become the new three board innovation layer

actively respond to the call of the country, the wave of public entrepreneurship in the ongoing, many of the first attempt to innovate the enterprise, has made a series of development. This time, the announcement of the new three board innovation layer list, the 9 companies in Xiamen to become the new three board innovation layer, below we understand. The new board innovation list

has been brewing for a long time finally released, in June 18th, the national share transfer system (also known as the new three board) was screened with innovation standard listed company list, a total of 920. In accordance with the procedures for the work of the arrangement, listed company still have objections to the list or voluntarily give up the right to enter the innovation layer, from June 20th to 22 to raise objections to the application period.

in the list, a total of 34 companies listed in Fujian, of which Xiamen has 9 companies, respectively, Fuhuida Payson day Garden, click on the network, business online, and more interactive, Qi Jun touch shares and shares, Ai Meisen, hui. In the short listed Xiamen Company, the market value of over 1 billion yuan of 2, respectively, and Fuhuida soca garden. Market capitalization and the total market capitalization of the total value of just over 100 million yuan.

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