Cosmetics store opened three steps

as a smart investor, you must also find the cosmetics industry hot business opportunities, right? Want to invest in a cosmetics store, we must master some methods. For entrepreneurs, because just entered the cosmetics industry, for the industry, the lack of knowledge, some of the industry standard skills do not understand, so often suffer, at this point, the editor finishing some of the skills and methods of successful shop, just want to help a friend just start.

It is the first step in accordance with the

to store location, location is the key, open war cloud: soldiers of victory, help, illustrates the importance of geographic location. Some people say that the location of the store is about 50% of the turnover, which makes sense. In the industry there is a difference between the three cities, even in the same lot, even in the same lot, the difference between stores, business will be much worse. Thus it is important to choose the location of the store. Store location is generally based on the location of the store and the face of the consumer groups to make judgments. If you want to operate high priced brands, mainly for the young white-collar cosmetics should choose a gathering area in women with high levels of consumption, such as boutiques, jewelry shops, high-end office buildings adjacent to, if it is moderately priced, for the young family of cosmetics, you should choose a busy street in the KFC, McDonald’s or in the vicinity of the. Another key consideration is their management level and experience and capital, will also open a world of difference is in a different location price.

The second step:

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