How to open shop shop owner must choose express company

now the Internet is very developed, many people have made a fortune by opening the shop, many friends also want to open shop to make money. However, a lot of online sellers are choosing a good amount of courier companies rushed to distress, too cheap to express the fear that the problem will not fly, a large courier company price is more expensive. So, open shop exactly how to choose a suitable courier company? Let’s take a look.

As a novice seller

1, price

but not simply because the choice is not cheap, away from their nearest point of delivery, so even if the price is right, the day after it is unavoidable to have a lot of trouble. When you are worried about the hair, he may not be able to receive it in time. For a novice seller, to find a suitable courier company is very important, if the price is cheaper, it will save a lot of money.

2, speed

3, security

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