College students how to open a fast drink shop successful boss

now venture what is not a new thing, many college graduates choose to start their own business, entrepreneurship is not easy, many people know, the entrepreneurial success rate is low, so many students in the face of employment and entrepreneurship are more tangled. Wu Cairong is one of the time decided to venture in thought for a long time, and later still resolutely chose to open his own shop.

to pay 30 thousand yuan to join fee technology

Wu Cairong is a 2009 graduate of Zhongshan Polytechnic, is an international logistics management professional. When it comes to business reasons, she told reporters, when I was sophomore, I intend to start a business after graduation, but did not want to be good at what to do."

at the beginning of this year, facing the graduate Wu Cairong set the business plan is to open a quick drink shop, "the main consumer groups in this industry are college students and middle school students, the market potential is great." Wu Cairong thought for a long time, she thought to open a popular fast drink shop, and investigated the current situation in Zhongshan fast drinks industry.

actually, Wu Cairong is a person who has a heart, last summer, when she went to Shenzhen to play, in a "I drink good" fast drink drink, and left a deep impression. Whether can join? Wu Cairong on the Internet to check the headquarters in Wuhan, the relevant circumstances of the fast drink shop, and later consulted the phone details. The selected shop place after the franchise headquarters concerned over the feasibility investigation and assessment of the shop, and later signed a contract, Wu Cairong paid 30 thousand yuan fee; then to headquarters to participate in technical training, mainly to learn their technology, how to make tea (boiled), fruit juice, and cost management etc..

personally riding a motorcycle delivery

Wu Cairong fast drink shops in front of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University opposite, 51 before the opening, so everything is hard in the beginning, more than a month, her business is not very ideal, the average daily sales of not more than 100 cup, and her goal is the daily sales to more than 300 cups.

more is a headache, Wu Cairong please two employees are not very "buy", "relatives are introduced, the two boys, it looks like I may be smaller than their reasons, and not very obedient, I usually do not say they", Wu Cairong said, now she has set management manual of the company staff, they should strictly abide by the "quick drink shops, as the service industry, staff image is very important, can not say that I am tired can sit."

most of the time, Wu Cairong as a boss to do takeout, riding a motorcycle delivery to the surrounding schools, "entrepreneurship at the beginning, don’t ask a delivery, which will increase the business as recommended

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