How to deal with business mistakes

no man is perfect, even more careful, in the business process cannot avoid making mistakes. Therefore, every businessman will make mistakes, but the combination of errors and further mistakes, will have a greater negative effect. There are several ways to do this, and it will increase your chances of success in the future.

1. take responsibility for failure, don’t avoid.

, in most cases, evasion of responsibility is immoral or dishonest. But the more serious problem is that you are telling your client: "I am not able to provide the level of service you expect."

2. to the customer for excess compensation.

, for example, an old man of his favorite American complaints that the company did not provide the shaving cream cans each 90 razors they promised, even received a trunkful of canned shaving cream. Later, the company became a legendary large enterprise. If you make compensation for your clients, your company may one day become a legend.

3. explain to customers, and more importantly, why do you believe.

when your company in trouble, in fact, your customers are also looking for their own reasons and you overcome the difficulties. Because they have made an investment, it will take more time to transfer the business to another company, and there is a potential risk. Customers want to continue working with your company, but you need to know if it will happen again. You need to be honest. However, the explanation is not enough, you also need to ensure that customers can understand: why he can believe it.

4. same mistake don’t come again second times.

let me down, I’ll be ashamed of you. Let me down two times, and I’ll be ashamed of myself. Everyone will make mistakes occasionally. Most of our clients are show common people, you have to understand this point. And when you make a mistake in the same way two or more times, the client begins to realize that it’s not a one-off event, but a very bad one. Customers will lose.

a lot of people in the business after the mistake is to think of blindly escape, resulting in more and more serious errors, the company’s operations will have a significant impact. In fact, most customers have only a very simple expectation: they hope that they will pay in the time you promised to get the appropriate return. Failure is not terrible, take the right way to come out from the mistakes, will eventually win.

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