Chongqing nternet + trade unions to create a new service model

in our daily life with the continuous development of economy, science and technology has also been vigorously developed, for the rational use of the Internet, the development of the economy is very useful. In November 11th, "Internet plus union service" into the grassroots campaign launch ceremony was held in a project of China Railway Tunnel group. The event sponsored by the Federation of trade unions, the joint professional third party organizations at the grass-roots level to help better grasp the grass-roots trade unions "Internet + union service data management, back office functions and service processes, further help to understand and use a variety of" Internet plus hichem service union members".

Chongqing Internet + union service launched, can give the broad masses of the people better service, so in the market has been a greater recognition. It is understood that the "Internet plus union service" is the Union for online work is weak problem, using "Internet plus" to create "1 network +1 +1 card" three in one of the new mode of service trade union. Has now opened the City Federation of trade unions official service platform, the official micro-blog, Yu Gong family members, WeChat public number and Yu Gong family APP. At present, the online platform has brought together more than 200 members, nearly 1 million workers pay attention to and use of various types of network service platform.

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