Guo Yunchong insist on employment priority to promote employment equity

two sessions, a lot of problems to be solved, in the face of employment and entrepreneurship problem, I believe the two sessions hot topic. Therefore, Guo Yunchong said, adhere to the employment priority, promote fair employment, entrepreneurship to promote employment.

3 11 (Friday) at 9 o’clock, the CPPCC National Committee held its twelve plenary session of the third plenary session in the Great Hall of the people, a number of CPPCC members on the relevant issues for the general assembly to speak.

[member of the CPPCC National Committee, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban construction, members of the party Guo Yunchong] employment is the people’s livelihood, no stable employment development, destined not sustainable, people are not destined to be happy. "CPC Central Committee on the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development proposal" attaches great importance to employment, pointed out the need to "adhere to the strategy of employment priority, implement a more proactive employment policy, create more jobs, efforts to solve the structural contradiction of employment." I think, in general, as long as the policy and planning work in place, "13th Five-Year" provisions of the employment task will be accomplished.

must also see that the "13th Five-Year" period of national urban average annual labor about 15 million people, the total pressure is still large, the structural contradictions will become more prominent, mainly reflected in: the economic development in the new energy conversion stage, the overall employment absorptive capacity is weakened; to capacity will have a greater impact on some areas and industries jobs, unemployment and employment has become an unavoidable reality.

the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries will aggravate the structural unemployment of labor, recruitment difficulties and difficult employment dilemma coexist; key areas of resource exhausted areas, frontier minority areas, ecological fragile areas, older job seekers, the disabled, the long-term unemployed and other key groups of employment difficulty. Therefore, do a good job in the employment, to ensure stable employment, an important task of economic and social development is still the "13th Five-Year" period. To this end, the following recommendations:

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