Ten large leather brand rankings

as a clothing market, has a very high popularity, a variety of clothes is loved by many people, this is the leather. Leather dates back to ancient times, as the first human dress, from color to style in the thousands of years of continuous transformation, now presented in front of the world leather, you can wear handsome and also mild tenderness, as against the cold winter and proud, always with elegant and luxurious texture. Other free full tone! The following Xiaobian to introduce ten leather brand rankings.

ten leather brand ranking NO.1 Kaiser

in the past, there was a Kaiser, the kaiser! Leather domineering world I return to conquer the brand concept, Kaiser clothing quality, have courage and determination when the princes of the kingdom of Yong clothing. Kaiser women’s style is unique, followed by fashion trends in Europe and America, and in line with the Oriental aesthetic and body type, in the 35-55 years of successful women’s consumer groups enjoy a high reputation.

ten leather brand ranking NO.2

first proposed the "leather fashion in China leather industry, leather fabric" of revolutionary ideas, the introduction of domestic famous designers to join the company as a design director, presided over the "big" brand design, and over the years in China Garment Fair, make full use of the principle of human engineering innovation, perfect design, quarterly product structure design. The proportion of partition design, process design, achieve the design effect out of the ordinary, and make it more consistent with a variety of wear state of the human body will be combined with decorative and functional perfect clothing, every year to give consumers a new feel, show "unique personality and quality" brand. In the age of 25-35 years old, natural and fresh, quiet and reserved, mainly for young white-collar brand.

leather ten brand list NO.3

snow leopard

national leather clothing brand, won the highest honor all China leather clothing sector: "leather" leather clothing first "King" and "regional brand", "Snow Leopard" the domestic leather industry hall brand come from tradition, innovation from inheriting, from the transformation towards international. Age of 25 – 45, the best choice for the current taste of the city’s best dressed.

ten leather brand ranking NO.4 Murong Morriszou


is the high-end leather clothing, ORRIS ZOU to high-end clothing brand into life, and the design of white-collar workers not only for metropolitan independence and freedom and the pursuit of fashion and unique in taste, but also to create a high-end way of life for ordinary consumers. MORRIS ZOU to show the style and not arrogant.

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