Shenyang will build Huanggu entrepreneurial innovation blocks

conform to the central call, since last year, all levels of government will be included in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship into the regional development plan. Shenyang will be built in the Yellow River North Street, Huanggu entrepreneurial innovation blocks for entrepreneurs to provide a support, resources of the public space, greatly enhance the probability of success in business.

12 12, Shenyang Huanggu district held the first "double Internet plus wisdom Huanggu summit". At the meeting, the Huanggu district government and enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly create a pioneering and innovative Huanggu block".

"Huanggu street," entrepreneurship and innovation "is the key project of smart Huanggu building. Street is located in the Yellow River North Street, the project will use 8000 square meters to create innovative business blocks, providing entrepreneurs with a sound platform for business innovation. In addition to a customer to provide the necessary independent office space, also has a public reception hall, roadshow center, creating training camps, incubation centers and other functional areas, as well as creative restaurants, coffee and other necessary business life service area. The project will also introduce professional services and seed funds, industry funds, to provide for the settlement of start-ups, including product design, hosting, financing, clearing, trading and other professional services.

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