When the furniture business electricity supplier to meet these problems should pay attention to

Internet era, the furniture industry and the electricity supplier linked, causing the attention of many investors. However, the electricity supplier is still a consumer experience is still short board, in the specific development model, is still in the exploratory stage. Perhaps from the big coffee industry talked about the electricity supplier remarks, furniture enterprises can learn the relevant experience.

A, the consumer experience is still short board electricity supplier

furniture for special specifications, is not suitable for direct selling online, consumers need to have practical experience in order to make a purchase decision. Large furniture is durable consumer goods, involving a lot of quality details and after-sales service, blindly covet cheap is not desirable. For furniture products, not buy toilet paper to buy toothpaste, consumers in the purchase, to personally touch products, see the details, otherwise, look at the picture pick back, may be disappointed.

two, store business is still the mainstream

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