Will be the best step to buy a monopoly network about the car market

8 months, let a lot of people accustomed to the network about car travel people shocked by the explosion of the information, the acquisition of excellent step. It seems that the acquisition of the lives of ordinary people and we do not have any relationship, however, under the new market structure, whether or not the abuse of market dominance will become an important observation point. For potential risks, regulators can not stay out, should keep up with the necessary regulatory review. The purpose is to safeguard the public interest.

8 1, drops of travel announced a global strategic agreement with the excellent step, the amount of the acquisition will be excellent step China’s brand, business data and other assets. After the two sides reached an agreement, the amount of travel will be excellent step with the global mutual shareholding, becoming a minority shareholder of the other side. The largest aircraft carrier platform was born.

accustomed to the network about car service users, this remarkable M & A is not necessarily a good news. Travel platform is one of the most intense competition, the market had, for training users called the car habits, access to user data and other considerations, the competitors with subsidies as the main means of playing in the two competition like a raging fire, shake hands, people will inevitably worry whether subsidies will be canceled, even prices will therefore rise.

on this concern, the founder and chairman of the Cheng Wei promise: concessions will not be terminated, the future will be a long-term subsidy red. But it is likely to be a lack of security guarantee "". So far, it is difficult to grasp by travel and excellent step in the real China market share, but according to the third party research agency data, drops accounted for about 80%, although not the yuho had claimed 30% of the market, but there are certain advantages in the regional market in the country ranked in the top three probably not question. Two marriage enough to grasp the pricing of travel market.

in the past, every step excellent burn mode, both sides has become unbearable, because burn, and step in 2015 exceeded US $1 billion in China market losses, drops have a greater share of the market, the loss is likely to exceed yuho Chinese. In the acquisition of market pricing is large enough, it is difficult to say will not choose not to stop the subsidy drops, even raise prices to the new strategy of blood. After all, the strength of investors behind the drops again strong, always ask for return.

addition, network about cars have been legalized, and effectively absorb the large number of laid-off workers have been transferred, no longer through the burn to prove its social effect". Therefore, in the future, even if there are complaints about drivers and users, it is likely that they will have to adapt to the new era of no subsidy or only a token subsidy.

market competition pressures and institutional pressures at the same time weakened, usually when the monopoly disease. According to the "anti-monopoly law", one of the operators in the relevant market share reached 1/2, or two operators in the relevant market share reached 2/3, recommended

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