With migrant workers, rogue, rogue sales

sales is a technology, sales is an art, how to become a good salesman? How to make good performance? May wish to follow the migrant workers, rogue, rogue school sales, learn from their experience!

: migrant workers

about the advantages of migrant workers, I believe many people know, hard-working, hard-working, without complaint, migrant workers inherited the traditional virtues of the Chinese five thousand years, as an excellent sales staff, to be able to endure the customer dissatisfaction and even abuse, bear bear in the grievances, said a sale to have the characteristics of migrant workers I believe many people would agree that if very angry after all customers of the company’s products and services, at least that after hope to cooperate with customers on the sales staff, if ignored, means that they may have no opportunities for cooperation.


The characteristics of


In fact,


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