Passion can often Liuke

a lot of times, just a passionate move the owner, but let customers feel particularly enthusiastic, and then entered the store to reach a deal. So, if you want to make your business unpopular, the number of customers are more, the owners may wish to warm a little, perhaps the development of business has a very big push oh.

starting from the middle of the night, a heavy snow came, the vast earth covered with a thick layer of silver quilt.

early in the morning, I opened the door, just cleaned the snow in front of the door, a middle-aged man dressed in a snowflake into the shop.

"so early, what do you need?" I asked with a smile.

"I want to buy two mid-range cigarettes, but I don’t see any brands I want." All eyes staring at the male customers smoke cabinet said.

"would you like to see some other brands of cigarettes?" I try to ask.

male customer hesitated for a moment and said: "forget it, later." Then he turned and walked away.


. It’s snowing hard outside. Be careful!" I kindly remind.

who knows, male customers hear me, just to step back and back. "Give me two cigarettes at the same price!" He looked at me and said.

male customers pay seriously, said: "the reason why I came back to buy cigarettes, because you are always enthusiastic attitude, and not because I do not buy cigarettes and cold, on the contrary, it gave me a good reminder. Things are not big, but my heart is very comfortable."

sent away the inadvertently moved by my customers, I also fell into a meditation. Life is busy, make money hard, I have to not shopping customers have a little cold, but today this little thing, let me understand the small business is not small. Enthusiasm for customer service, careful consideration for customers, is the magic weapon to win the business.

now can buy goods from all walks of life is really too much, therefore, if the owners want to achieve business, it may be more enthusiastic point. Moreover, a warm service, let me more than an unexpected profit, no, should be more than a lot of profit. Because, I believe that the male customers will come to my store shopping, my service will be more warm and thoughtful.

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