Hunan franchise business entrepreneurs to create new wealth

as everyone knows, modern people are very interested in catering, restaurant as a delicious dish, among the many brands of hunan. People adhere to the basket is delicious and nutritious, continuous innovation, to create a lot of rich dishes, if businesses of Hunan interest priority basket people.

Huaihua City basket people Chain Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. is the industry of Zhang Jiawa’s CCTV, "the rich", "science and Technology Expo", "dialogue", Hunan TV, "live in Huaihua", "contemporary youth", "franchise and chain" and many other media interview reported the Xiangxi outstanding youth in rural areas the Zhang Song brothers created a number of independent intellectual property rights and national patents.

basket people working on the development of ethnic minority in Xiangxi dishes, basket people? The family of Zhang ancestral native dishes chairman Zhang Song as the foundation, perennial development of Xiangxi folk cuisine and various kinds of dishes, now has a number of national patents and intellectual property, and strive to build the first brand China ethnic restaurants. Xiangxi cuisine is one of the three Hunan local dishes, Hunan with the wind Mi China, Xiangxi cuisine is rising with its unique advantages in the country quickly jump red, becomes a popular cuisines. Xiangxi is a diverse multi-ethnic minority areas, several relatively large left their own unique eating habits, such as Dong "feast closed", "Yao Gang", Tujia "bench", as living in city people yearn for reinforced concrete. Xiangxi mountain is rich in bamboo shoots mushrooms and other delicacies venison natural green crops, abundant reserves of natural food base for the local, a cooking grid, a hundred dishes taste, mainly spicy, acid, fragrant, fresh, original flavor, flavor attractive, become popular dishes.. Not only a few basket people behind the fine cuisine has a moving story, almost every successful dishes are behind the little-known "legend"

food basket people has its natural advantages richly endowed by nature, Xinmin ecological farm’s planting, eel, loach, bullfrog, snail, chicken, lotus Xuefeng and dozens of kinds of products; built a basket people processing workshop, focus on the development of Xiangxi dish jar series, dry cargo series, meat series, seasoning series; to basket people cook the dining hall as the base, set up to Zhang’s eighth generation descendant of Zhang Bin fried goose based cuisine development team, launched the mother goose, chicken, crispy rice and Miao Village wife wine is chased by customers all over the country. Authentic, authentic cuisine basket people, "but for natural resort".

as a popular delicacy, basket people join headquarters to delicious wealth, create a unique food culture. Now people can choose to invest in the basket, creating new business opportunities in hunan.

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