Ma Yun please the richest man in the world to eat what

a quasi China’s richest man and the world’s richest man to eat together to talk about what? June 18th, the world’s richest man, Bill, ·, twitter news release said, has arrived in Beijing to discuss the issue of charity and Alibaba Ma, saying that this is a great conversation".

on the previous night, the well-known real estate developers in Ren Zhiqiang micro-blog said: "tonight Ma arranged some entrepreneurs and Bill · Gates discussed together with the charity and public welfare issues. Communicate with each other to promote China’s public welfare undertakings." Attracted many onlookers and speculation.

Forbes according to the 2014 global Chinese rich list, Ma to $10 billion in net assets ranked Chinese Regal sixth. But with the recent valuation of the United States after the listing of the Alibaba will change, Ma may become China’s richest man.

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those keen public interest Chinese Regal

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