Xiantao business administrative approval time has been shortened by 62%

with the advance of "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" slogan, the country set off a double upsurge of activity. In Hubei province in Xiantao, entrepreneurs will feel the new and powerful entrepreneurial support.

"two days on the run license, really fast!" Yesterday, in Xiantao founded two months Yan Yigui said, the company by virtue of the advantages of non-woven non-woven industry Xiantao, engaged in the export business, there are many business intentions, a bright future.

from Lei Jun to guide the establishment of venture in Optics Valley Xiantao coffee since a group of college students and youth hit off to become innovative in xiantao. Up to now, the city has created a total of 5 space, through the introduction of public space and the creation of a direct hit more than 80 people, more than create a new entrepreneurial projects more than 30.

2015, Xiantao new development market of 19154 households, an increase of 29.54%, average daily new market players 52, including the new development of private enterprises 3362, an increase of 35.2%, ranking second in the province’s growth.

in Xiantao, "1 Yuan Office" to become a reality, entrepreneurial enterprises registered capital by the end of the problem, cumbersome administrative approval "downsizing". 2015 year, the administrative examination and approval items reduced from the past 466 to the average of each administrative examination and approval matters for a time limit of more than the legal time limit of compression of 62% by the time of the year.

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