What are the principles followed by the cafe image design

cafe is different from the streets everywhere small noodle, if business is good, get more recognition, nature also need to have a better decoration, with image design to meet the consumer environment. In short, good store design, not only beautify the cafe, more important is to give consumers a good impression, to attract customers, expand sales purposes. So, what are the principles of the coffee shop image design?

Cafe store design is a prerequisite to grasp the trend of the times. In store appearance, shop head, store, use color, shape, sound and other skills to show. Personality is more prominent, more people attention.

1, store design must comply with the characteristics of the cafe, from the appearance and style to reflect the operating characteristics of the cafe.

2, cafe image design principles to meet the main user’s taste".

3, cafe store decoration should be fully considered and the original architectural style and the surrounding stores are coordinated, individual although eye-catching, once consumers feel vulgar, it will lose the trust.

4, cafe decoration to be concise, rather than insufficient, can not be too much, not too much line segmentation and color rendering, eliminating any excessive decoration, do not let the user feel too tired".

5, the store should be unified color harmony, should not be used in strong contrast to any blunt.

6, cafe sign font size should be appropriate, too thick will make signs appear crowded, easy to damage the overall layout, the substrate color to highlight the name, the name should be concise and easy to understand, is easy to remember, except for special needs do not use cursive or foreign letters.

people don’t know how to design the image of the store, someone is too self, no matter what kind of principle, if you want to open a coffee shop business is hot, nature also need to follow certain principles. So, if you are a coffee shop operators, and now is the image of the store design and trouble, may wish to refer to the above principles of operation, I believe will make their own career has been a good development.

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