Public appeal Sunshine North Street and entrepreneurial road junction traffic lights added

The traffic problem

sunshine North Street and entrepreneurial road junction is very serious, seriously affecting people travel, for such a phenomenon is still to ease, even people do not sit, suggestions: Sunshine North Avenue and entrepreneurial road junction traffic lights added.

3 28, an enthusiastic friends in politics platform reflect: early peak, sunshine North Avenue and the intersection of business frequent traffic jams, traffic problems, traffic lights is strongly recommended. The author conducted a survey on this issue.

28, about 8:15 in the morning, the traffic jam phenomenon of Sunny Street and entrepreneurial road junction, north-south direction and east-west direction of the vehicle are blocked, traffic is very difficult. Because of the morning rush hour period, passing vehicles are stuck on the road, the car horn sound into a.

?? enthusiastic users, the phenomenon of traffic jams that has continued for several days, every morning to work through here will be blocked, causing many times late for work. See I said in the sunshine road, North Street four lane two-way road junction and entrepreneurial position and with the crosswalk, pedestrian mixed vehicle.

Effect of



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