Do business also need to have a sense of responsibility

if it is just to make money, it really can sell anything, as long as not illegal, you can sell the goods there are a lot of varieties. On Saturday, a group of twelve year old children gathered to play at the door of my shop. I was finishing the shelves when I heard a loud bang. I was so scared that I ran out to see what was happening when the children were shooting at the village street lights with a toy gun.

"look, what? This is my third bulb. I am a good shot?" One of the children while aiming at another street lamp, while showing off his "performance"".

"Hey, what are you doing? A good street lamp so bad, but also how to pedestrian lighting? If the marbles hit the people who would be a catastrophe. To see how your parents to repair you." See this scene, I immediately stepped forward to stop, do not play this gun, too dangerous!"

"you say such a gun is not good, why are there so many stores still sell?" One of the children protested.

in the face of the child’s question, the moment I was speechless. Some time ago, the children are playing online games to imitate the game, so the market is very popular toy guns. I’ve also bought some ideas. Did not think of the danger of a toy gun is so big, just shoot marbles lamp intensity, if hit people, it is easy to cause harm. Once something has happened, our retailers are bound to take responsibility.

business not only to pay attention to business integrity, but also a sense of responsibility. If you refuse to sell this kind of dangerous toys, they will not appear in the market, there will be no danger. However, as long as the market demand, the temptation of interests, there will be a small number of manufacturers, businesses and the production and sale of such dangerous goods. In order to avoid this situation, we need to start from the child to play a good game interest.

now, our local TV station is the hit cartoon "four-wheel drive car". In order to be in the interest of children from the toy gun to the car up to second days, I quickly purchased a batch of four-wheel drive toy cars, and the layout of a simple circuit in front of the store, took two cartoon hero used car, let two children play the game. In a short while, attracted many children. I promised on the spot, as long as the car after winning the game, there is a small gift. The children are hoping to get a gift, buy a toy car will fall over each other, on the spot up competition.

now the number of children in the family is very scarce, and in order to make their childhood can be more interesting, all kinds of toys naturally welcome. And if you do business, but also need to be able to have a stronger sense of responsibility of the owner, do not operate dangerous toys, the operation can really be popular educational toys, this is the business

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