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but the key is that the nipple is not only a factor in black. Some women because of their own hormone secretion exuberant, premature development, the nipple is no doubt black. In addition, there is a reason for women’s dressing habits, if often wear tight fitting underwear, over time will make the nipple pigmentation of the site, thereby changing color.

Xiaobian summary: Although teenage female nipples are pink, but it is immature and has nothing to do with women’s chastity. Black color is only a sign of female physical maturity, rather than a means of female debauchery. So, don’t Overgeneralization, do not blindly believe in some other false statement.

first we need to understand is that why the nipple will turn black? Indeed, most of the women in contact with sexual life, hypophysis will accelerate the secretion of hormone stimulation, it will secrete large amounts of melanin, so that the nipple appear black phenomenon.

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