2012 small capital investment can make good money

2012 years, the market has launched a number of good projects can quickly get rich, these projects are less investment costs, there is no investment risk, but also can quickly make money projects. Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

small cost of investment money project: liquefied petroleum gas residual liquid burning device of

netThe project is designed for

small cost of investment money project: Folk service

small cost of investment money project Restructuring: old clothes shop


small cost of investment money project: handmade embroidery shop

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. You can rent a 20 square meters of the facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. How do women do business? Rent and renovation costs control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus office license and other costs, start-up capital of about 40 thousand yuan. Embroidery of the color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve the service quality of customer service and set up factories in the project, to tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to choose the suitable embroidery and other small knowledge, and to help them repair free of charge.

small cost of investment money project: patient food service

factories suitable in the vicinity of large and medium-sized hospital address project, different conditions for various patient groups, respectively make a menu. How do women do business? The business should pay extra attention to health or not, "

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