See an old restaurant brand is how to ashes

Before the

food, or has been in the catering industry veteran of many years of business, their common identity concept is, as long as to provide customers with good service and high quality consumer consumption quality, it will be able to win the hearts of consumers. There will be a steady stream of tourists. But now rent, labor and cost pressures, this idea seems to be inopportune or inappropriate, the peak moment of many of the old brand, are facing an embarrassing situation to make ends meet, old food brand in the Internet era, does not keep pace with the times, soon to be abandoned. Old brand to profit, but also insist on doing quality, how to break a veteran of the Japanese put the issue of self-help brands, in the fierce competition in the choice of change, out of their own way to regain the new.

see an old restaurant brand is how the ashes of the

1, dilemma

cost and operation of the unbearable weight

The emergence of the

mobile Internet has changed the way many people live, for example, to the restaurant with cash or credit card payment is becoming less and less, instead of the mobile terminal easy payment.

as everyone knows, the catering industry is a net fast and intense, change the circle, an important reason is that heavy assets, heavy capital, traditional catering operations and other heavy "heavy" model significantly, in a short time if not quickly open the passenger flow easily brought down numerous catering entrepreneurs. With the arrival of the mobile Internet era has brought about many changes in the catering industry, from products and services, marketing operations to the payment experience, customer base management, the Internet era has brought a "light" mode of unlimited challenges and opportunities to the traditional industry.

new things, new changes, to the pupil of the seafood restaurant, which is a veteran of the issue of self help brand also brings challenges and crises.

pupil seafood flavor called early 1000 Ju Le Wu, Beijing is a veteran of the foreign self brand. Over the years by virtue of the ingredients and craftsmanship of the spirit of excellence, in the market to create a good brand and reputation.

but as many food companies facing the dilemma is "unbearable", not to relax the requirement of quality leads to linear food cost rise, store management increasingly causes the staff costs increase, the entire operating system more and more heavy, but these costs did not bring directly improve actual operation efficiency and customer experience.

pupil seafood restaurant

in addition, to the mobile Internet era in order to maintain a lasting brand influence, in addition to high-quality dishes and services, but also need to adapt to the mobile Internet era brand promotion channels.


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