Menstruation before treatment to examine four items no less than _39 _ female health network

4, auxiliary check

1, pelvic examination

treatment of irregular menstruation, mainly to do B ultrasound examination, look at the uterus and ovary and pelvic conditions, and cytology, mainly to see whether the normal ovarian function and also the existence of lesions.

irregular menstruation of women’s health is a great harm, and even affect the normal life and work, if because of menstruation causes dysmenorrhea then in the days of menstruation often is very painful, so must the positive treatment can wipe. In the treatment of irregular menstruation before you must first check, we have to look at the irregular menstruation before the examination of what.


Some auxiliary examinations are needed before

in the treatment of irregular menstruation before the first pelvic examination to see if there is no genital malformations, tumors and other lesions,.

3, detailed inquiry history

The above five

before the treatment of irregular menstruation also need BBT, and BBT mainly includes two aspects, one is the biopsy, an endocrine determination, these are necessary to check the abnormal menstruation before treatment,.

2, basal body temperature test

is irregular menstruation treatment before the examination, we can refer to. In the course of implementation depends on how the patient’s actual situation, in addition to the doctor’s diagnosis, specifically what to do check also need to see what is the actual situation, but this is all in order to ensure a better therapeutic effect of irregular menstruation.

was given to patients before treatment will usually ask medical history in detail, see if you can find the etiology in patients must give the doctor to provide the most accurate information, so that it can help doctors make more accurate judgments.

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