There are four ways to run a good rural store

city and countryside shop because of the different geographical location, management will have a great difference, but no matter which is a place to shop for good business, natural need to master certain tricks. Nowadays, with the development of the rural economy, the living standard of farmers has been greatly improved, and the number of retail stores in rural areas is also increasing.

, however, is also a retail store, some business thriving, some business is desolate. Through the observation of the author found that those who do a good job, mainly to seize the consumer psychology and consumer demand characteristics, so as to maximize the needs of consumers, summed up the following four strokes".

is a small shop full. The "one-stop" purchase all the necessary items, the fast pace of modern times is a big consumer shopping habits. For our village shops, although we may not like the town big supermarket, commodity rich and complete, but we can according to the farmers’ living habits and consumer demand, make full text in the farmers’ life necessities, so that farmers in your shop, can "one-stop" buy the basic necessities of life.

such as: to drinks, tea daily necessaries, small sewing boxes, buttons, clips and other daily necessities, as long as there is a demand of the farmers, even then a small profit, we might have the availability of supply, such as "you will have him, he has no good, he more than you" win.

two is a service without day and night. Extended Business Hours, at any time can let the consumer into the store shopping is a lot of magic shop Business Flourishes, especially in rural farmers to work during the day time is not like the city workers as fixed due, so they do not have time to shop, especially at home in urgent need of a commodity and it is too late go to the supermarket, a town road, and may have to open the door.

at this time, they want to be able to have a very close to the store to meet their needs. Therefore, in order to shop from many talent shows itself, we might as well do some articles in Business Hours, in the conditional case, as far as possible to extend the Business Hours, so early in the morning to open the door, night closed, or even 24 hours a day and night, so that it will be solution to the consumer when they have time as pressing danger. When the demand, the first thought is to our shop to see.

three is the goods do not deceive. Now consumers are most afraid of using real money to buy fakes, once consumers in our store to buy a fake, he may never go shopping. Therefore, whether we want to store small shops, rooted in many shops, when one of the first is to ensure that the goods are.

this requires us in the purchase of the owner, to learn to identify the true and false goods, thousands of people can not enter the purchase of counterfeit goods, in particular

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