Decoration jewelry store notes which have several points

want to home jewelry store, in the decoration of the time encountered a problem, in the end should be how to decorate the store environment, in order to attract more consumers into the store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to take a look at the need to decorate jewelry store notes.

A, name

name is the center of wealth jewelry store, belongs to a kind of invisible decoration. Shop at the beginning when the decoration needs consistent VI system. The name should be simple to read, simple, novel and unique, not to follow the beaten track.

On the basis of the


in many rich commercial street, large and small, numerous jewelry store signs that these consumers are usually a superb collection of beautiful things, first reading, and looking around the shop from it. Thus, with a high degree of inductive and attractive jewelry store signs, the impact on the consumer’s visual and psychological impact is very large.

three, import and export and window

Import and export planning should be reasonable, convenient customer payments. Jewelry store is usually more than and 10 square meters, the mouth for the same local. No shop window to open the mouth of the open plan, the same can also be a very good show store planning, other goods should not be placed at the exit. In the store to leave a certain customer channel, to facilitate the customer to try to wear jewelry. Jewelry store window should be better in a hierarchical manner.


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