Six tips to keep your chest more perfect _39 _ women’s health network

second strokes, press

first recruit, knead

Third, support


and sixth move

fingertip force, from the fingers and back to the beginning, breast and chest compressions, the power to produce a sense of pain, to stimulate the danzhong, Qimen, milk root point.

fifth strokes, push

sat on the chair, his right hand straight, his left hand on the right elbow, the right hand to the left, stretching arm and armpit muscles. Alternate around, do 12-15 times.

using the palm of the hand and fingers together, along the circular direction from the breast, and the entire circumference of the outer semi-circular half circle, from the outside to wipe, lifts and gather the breast, to stabilize the gesture at the end of the road to efforts to slowly recover, feeling breast elasticity, avoid pulling.

sat on the chair, bent his hands behind his head, his left hand to hold the right elbow, and left to push, stretch arm and armpit muscles. Alternate around, do 12-15 times.

want to get rid of the burden of milk? If your answer is yes, trying to figure out a way to defeat the This matter should not be delayed., it. The following six massage methods must be a suitable for you.

fourth strokes,

sat on the chair, his spine straight, his left hand holding the mineral water bottle and straightened up. The back of the left hand bent, driving the arm to the armpit muscle contraction. Alternately, do 12-15 times.

with the palm of the hand force, with the nipple as the center, led the entire breast tissue, overall upward, slow circle massage rub, do upward and inward gestures, can increase a dynamics, at the same time on breast has no mass or abnormal sensation of self.

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