China Health pension ndustry Summit Forum held in Weifang

said that the elderly, China has entered the stage of the development of aging, whether in urban or rural areas, the majority of the elderly generally exist, how to solve the problem of China’s aging? And China pension should be how to stage of development, these problems are in Japan and South Korea to work together to create a new era of health pension industry seminar held in Weifang.

forum "in Japan and South Korea to work together to create a new era of health care industry as the theme, from Japan and South Korea experts, the pension agency representatives and government representatives attended the forum and speech.


Weifang Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Weicheng District People’s Congress Chairman Wang Zhaohui. At present, Weifang 60 years of age or older, accounting for about 1 million 688 thousand of the city’s total population of 18.8%. Wang Zhaohui said, Weifang city on the development of the pension industry attaches great importance to Japan and South Korea, the pension experts gathered in Weifang, hope to bring more opportunities for the development of Weifang pension industry.

Executive vice president,

China Asian Economic Development Association China Social Welfare Foundation vice chairman Chen Jun said in his welcome speech, the forum to build a communication, cooperation, development and win-win platform for Japan and South Korea, will effectively promote the organic combination of the whole industry chain China pension industry and pension industry in Asia, Japan and South Korea in the pension industry the big development prospects of cooperation.

Zhang Kuizhong, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department of Shandong province

speech. He said that the cooperation and exchanges in the health care field in Japan and South Korea, not only can improve the health and well-being of the elderly, but also has world significance, the three party should strengthen the global health cooperation, deepen the third party cooperation, jointly cope with the challenges of global aging.

Chinese Social Welfare Foundation Chairman Qi Xuesen, the national office on aging inspector, China Aging Industry Association vice president Ceng Qi, Weifang municipal government deputy mayor Wang Shuhua speech, expressed his congratulations on the convening of the forum, the forum will certainly positive impact on the pension industry of Japan and South korea.

China we passed on the pension problems of communication, to fully understand the development trend of aging Chinese, understanding between different countries by professional scholars, to gain more understanding, more worthy of people to consider, if we can grasp the development of the pension industry, will be able to bring you harvest.

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