Actively promote the return of migrant workers and other entrepreneurs

to help end after college students entrepreneurship, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship can not be ignored, to ensure the healthy development of Fujian’s economy, it is necessary to give full consideration to.

to further support the migrant workers, students and other personnel retired soldiers home business, luster recently formulated the "on the support of migrant workers and other personnel returning to entrepreneurship and innovation".

"opinions" to support the return of staff to develop new agricultural business entities, key support personnel returning to create agricultural services, crop pests and anti rule, the land joint-stock cooperative cooperatives, support their use of family contracted land or land development of family farms, focusing on Cultivating Model Agency (field), and actively recommended to participate in provincial and municipal farmers cooperation model agency and family farm demonstration field selection. Relying on the industrial park and build food industry public platform, promote ofreturned venture innovation. Based on the luster of China ecological food city construction, to support the development of e-commerce industry returnees.


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