Dinner is not as good as the secret of fast food

catering industry is very profitable, this is not a joke, it is true. Hunger breeds discontentment, as long as the intention to do identify the market is doing business. But make dinner or fast food, you need to pay attention to.

fast food store

from the operating data chain meals, fast food, fast food also has higher operating efficiency, use fewer resources. For example, the average store area only 34.5% fast food meals, store employees only 65.5% meals, and dinner is almost single store revenue per unit area of single flat, annual income is 2.65 times of the dinner. In Quanjude, little sheep (002186) (00968.HK), Ajisen (00538.HK) as an example, the three were used as chain meals (upscale dining), chain dinner (Hot pot), on behalf of the company, the fast-food chain, Ajisen business * * rate of 25%, far higher than the little sheep 16% and Quanjude 12%. Although the little sheep store average daily turnover of 23 thousand yuan, is 1.5 times of Ajisen, but the single store only a small area of Ajisen sheep 24%, that is to say, the unit area is 2.7 times the turnover of Ajisen small sheep. Because the restaurant business area is directly related to the rent, staff, hydropower and other variable cost per unit area, Ajisen high turnover means a higher suicide rate.

Do not store large

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