Hungry founder Zhang Xuhao shared his seven years of entrepreneurial experience

Internet business excellence men, one of which is called Zhang Xuhao, he is hungry founder, I believe many enthusiastic friends love the Internet ordering or know this person. Below, this article will share his speech in the world’s top 500 companies VC innovation investment forum content, to understand his entrepreneurial experience of the past seven years, and he has been in charge of the company’s experience in the past 2015 years.

we first do this industry, not only the mobile Internet, PC Internet, was a great challenge. We have to convince a restaurant on our website, you need to pull the cable, buy a computer, etc., pay a lot, and even our own to buy these, to the restaurant to provide tools to join hungry.

so that we have today not only hungry at noon for lunch and dinner service, now more is the breakfast service, fresh fruit of service, service, the category expansion, not the beginning of the creation of the formation is through a gradually unfolding, I think enterprises, especially the Internet the company to seize a user pain points and then in the other category, do other projects, it is more likely to succeed and progress.

but we think the market is there, then we make out the distribution of work, we feel that the information asymmetry is the restaurant a pain point, we adopted the NEPS system, to change our business model. When we first venture, in fact, Minhang Jiaotong University, to carry out our business, then there are a lot of partners, model is recommended

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