The reverse thinking moves to a new way to get rich chocolate

now many people want to work, the traditional market has become saturated, the cake is so big, the number of people, the profit is small, but some people just the opposite, reverse thinking clever moves, embarked on a new road to get rich!

online transactions are not met, needs to be done through the logistics channel. She has to deliver at least 30 packs a week, packing boxes of 30, bubble film and filler. She told reporters: the Internet to sell things by mail, courier, freight and so on, not only cosmetics, most of the goods are sent out with cardboard boxes. Some big sellers need hundreds of cartons each month."

few plain words, there is not a man found the treasure.

stretch of the face, Sun Ying also began to reflect on. One day, she wandered aimlessly in the online study, those who trade big sellers is envious of the amount is how to do up. Inadvertently, she saw a big seller in order to order empty milk cartons. What about the empty milk box? She could not help but ask the man who sold the box. The man told her: "people buy boxes for packaging."

awoken! Sun Ying suddenly, she saw a possibility from. In the effort to provide the buyer with the product, why not take into account the needs of hundreds of thousands of online sellers, to provide them with products and services?

"three carriages" pull trading volume

however, and carton factory contact, Sun Ying was snubbed. The profit of the carton is very thin, mainly depends on the volume. And Sun Ying needs not only the amount of goods, but also re plate production. Talk about a whole week, Sun Ying good, carton factory barely concessions, but she ordered the first batch of goods shall not be less than 10 thousand yuan.

for mismanagement at the grocery store, spent 10 thousand yuan to set a number of selling a carton not sold is still a bit difficult. For a person, perhaps this down the motivation. However, the potential and level of business division. Do you go there, muddle along; success >

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