What are the conditions for investment super down fast food

fast food now has a distinctive feature that is different from that of fast food in the past, that is, fast food is not only a convenient representative, but also to a certain extent to meet the needs of people’s health and nutrition. Now a delicious snack brings not only to satisfy the taste buds and health needs. To bring the technology to really delicious, super down fast food, healthy fashion, enjoy the taste buds, is the food and beverage market is very hot investment projects, Unlimited Business Opportunities, miss


then to join the super down fast food have what demand?

Ji’nan super down food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, by the Ji’nan time-honored "CHINT constant" development, to explore the local flavor of traditional famous snack culture. In 2011, after Ji’nan city was selected as the assured breakfast project construction enterprise, the company in accordance with the Ji’nan City assured breakfast project requirements, and vigorously promote the staple food processing and distribution as the support, with a standardized breakfast shop (fast food) as the carrier, the construction of Chinese public management system supplemented by fast food to help nutrition meal distribution and Breakfast car, go on the fast track of development.

super down is committed to mining the old Ji’nan traditional cuisines, and always adhering to the "procurement of quality raw materials, do not add food additives, well cooked delicious meals, cheap sales to customers" business philosophy, so that the fast food business model has been fully recognized by consumers, and achieved a certain social influence.

super down fast food franchise:

1, have a certain product collocation and display of professional knowledge, such as investors do not contact the store sales, the manager should be in the super down fast food franchise headquarters or direct franchised shops in more than seven days to accept a lot of learning and training;

2, need to have more than three years experience in brand monopoly or more than one year experience in apparel sales, strong sense of brand operation;

3, super down fast food franchisee must have brand awareness and concept of operations, identity super down fast food to join the brand philosophy and corporate culture;

4, with a good business relationship with the local, and large local mainstream shopping malls.

if you want to join the brand, and can meet the above conditions, then please leave a message below our website!

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