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2 pregnant women after pregnancy hormone levels change, causing joint ligament laxity, so female

women in the exercise of the most prone to habitual sprain is sprained ankle. Many will make the ankle sprain to local blood circulation, tissue elasticity decreased, even can cause avulsion fracture of fibula, lateral ligament rupture and other serious consequences. Once a ligament is pulled, it will take months to heal.

Of all the organs of the female

1 after getting up every day to do the whole body stretching exercise, can make the muscles to wake up, but also flexible tendons, ligaments, joints.

3: ligament — fragile natural

women are more likely than men to pull ligaments in the knee and ankle joints. Because the female hip is wide, so that ligaments bear too much force, so the female ligament, born much more fragile than men. Secondly, women’s movement is generally slower than men, there is danger, can not be timely relief, it is more likely to be injured.

induced mastitis is usually arch-criminal we ignore the section on weekdays. For example, the underwear is not fit, the movement is not scientific, and even casual, casual and so on. Now the world each year about 1 million 200 thousand women suffering from breast cancer, 50 died of breast cancer. In Western Europe, North America and other developed countries, the incidence of breast cancer.

, breasts can be said to be the most vulnerable parts of women. At the age of 30, every woman should learn to examine her own breast. Self checking method is to take a supine posture lying in bed, with finger pressing clockwise breast, but do not take the position, if touch has scattered granular objects should be a doctor, ask the doctor to help make the final judgment.

2 usually will have to wear a steel support, supporting good underwear, in order not to breast pressure is appropriate, the usual activities should also pay attention to avoid the collision force of breast.

3 in the intense life work of middle school counseling and self adjustment, relax mood, work and rest; appropriate outdoor activities, walking, jumping aerobics.

4 the most important thing is that a year to receive a breast specialist examination, milk, B ultrasound. More than forty years of age women need to be added once every two years to see if there is any evidence of malignant tumor.

health care tips:

health care tips:

1 in daily life, we should eat high-fat, high protein, low fiber food, at the same time, less smoking and drinking, eat spicy spicy food, eat cabbage, seaweed and soy products.

Champion: breast – a high incidence of

concern is that China is the incidence of breast cancer is one of the fastest growing countries, statistics China anticancer association announced that China in recent years, the incidence of breast cancer increased at an annual rate of 3%, becoming the fastest growing city in the mortality rate of cancer, the age of onset is more and more younger.

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