Restaurants can not be too polite

in order to reflect the quality of services, but also in order to attract more customers, and now a lot of food and beverage shops to provide the service is very attentive, and even let the diners feel uncomfortable. So, if you want the restaurant business is booming, often can not be too polite.

a friend from abroad to talk about the development of the domestic food and beverage industry in the past, so commented ". Appears to be a compliment words, continue to ask under just understand the meaning. The true feelings of the original friend is: decoration is very high, the dishes are very general; service is very attentive, satisfaction is not high.

friends continue to introduce one of the things he experienced. Once, he booked a customer and a private room, ready to finalize the cooperation side next to eat. The waiter is a very young and beautiful little girl, first for their friends two people pour water, and then help recommend a few dishes, introduced in more detail.

order, the waiter retreated outside, they discuss things to friends. Ten minutes later, a friend heard a knock on the door, and then saw the waiter came in, politely said: Excuse me, to help you add some tea." After the end of the trip, they continue to talk about friends, and after ten minutes, the waiter second times the water. The friend frowned, waited for her to go out, and then continue the topic.

five minutes later, the waiter came in third, serving. A total of five dishes, the waiter on an average of five minutes on the way, and so on half an hour after the meal. The waiter back out five times, plus two times of water, a total of seven times. Friends have just started a conversation, the time has passed nearly an hour.

and eight times the waiter came in, friends can not help but say: "this little girl, you put the tea for us here, bone plate and paper towels are not, we own, okay? Please don’t come in if you don’t call."

the friend’s words is a phrase, indeed many restaurants in the pursuit of high-quality services, there are some drawbacks, some restaurants only for service and service, but ignore the customer’s feelings. Too much attention not only to the customer service, but the customer complaints, and even complaints. Originally soon settled things, because of the frequent bothering the waiter, and the time delay, resulting in "the waiter was busy, tired of the customers" lose lose situation.

did not look, do not take into account the specific situation of the customer, and abide by the norms and procedures of the blind service attentive service will inevitably lead to customer dissatisfaction. Although this service is to provide customers with services, and services are very standard, but it is not the intention of the service, there is no real service

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