Will there be any risk of investing in toilet advertisements

As a product of the new era,

has become the pet of many businesses. Due to affordable, simple management, which has become a lot of entrepreneurs who invest. However, there is always a risk of any business opportunities. So, will there be any risk of investing in toilet advertising?

lo Chongqing has invested a total of hundreds of thousands, in the city’s restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, buy 5000 billboards. Billboards are set up in two places, one is above the squatting position, the next is the mirror two. But Mr. Lu did not expect is that the advertising industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, so he can not profit.

"for the director to discuss advertising, the difficulty is most evident," Mr. Lu said that he had found a real estate Jiangbei District, to discuss the advertising in the toilet, but just put the idea to say, was rejected on the spot each other. "Developers responsible person said that their real estate is a high-grade market, the image is particularly important, if in the toilet advertising, will drop grades and gold, so will not consider."

later in the negotiations with BMW and one of the city’s leading real estate developers, Mr. Lu also encountered the same situation. A communications company had taken the initiative to contact Mr. Lu, but it is disappointing that, after the discussion of the meeting, the views are not uniform, most people do not agree in the toilet advertising.

Chongqing toilet advertising why no single? Reporter made further investigation, there are several reasons.

is a business that the advertising is very low in the toilet, afraid to fall. Although in the toilet the audience viewing time is long, but many businesses are worried about advertising in the toilet will fall out of their. The reporter interviewed ten companies, one of the pharmaceutical industry company, their products are mainly health care products, do not think the toilet toilet ads, because feel dirty; a luxury car industry company also said it will not, all they have to do advertising in the local high-end cars outstanding quality.


, a media company and a printing company has expressed interest, media company said, many high-end consumer customers often have entertainment, are in the target group; printing printing company said that each company is indispensable, specializes in corporate clients counterparts.

two is a new thing to come out to have a process. At present, many businesses have not found the toilet advertising this new mode, the 10 enterprises to reporters earlier interview, heard the toilet ads are very surprised, on the market a lot of businesses do not know the existence of some kind of advertising, so advertising promotion toilets will be gradual, to give manufacturers a buffer period.

three is to do the toilet advertising to be linked to the film, in order to effect good

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