Small jewelry store clerk skills training

small jewelry store, you need to communicate with consumers face to face, if the clerk to provide quality services to consumers, consumers will naturally be impressed. If you want to get a better development, you need to train qualified staff. From what aspects of training? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the point.

1. product knowledge


sales positions have in common, however the sale of jewelry and clothing, but these cars are very different, the clerk should learn the relevant knowledge of goods before they start, have a certain understanding of the goods, shall be ready.

2. display skills

jewelry store display is an important factor to attract consumers, if the store will not be displayed, the consumer can not be re opened after the exhibition requirements, consumers will have a bad impression on the store.

3. commodity packaging

if the consumer fancy goods store was the only day kind of, the clerk should send the goods to wrap, so it should be the packaging of goods shop.

small jewelry store, the clerk need to master what skills? This is the business needs to pay attention to the problem. The above suggestions hope to be helpful to you, hurry up to learn it. There are other aspects of the need to pay more attention to the business, so that the store clerk to master more skills, increase profits for the store.

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