Laugh too careful pancreatic problems! The wrinkles on the face that health _39 health network _ wom

over the middle of your cheek, this means that when you have a cold may cause sinus obstruction; your digestive system may also be a problem.

blue purple spot – poor circulation, may be due to constipation caused by.

white spot – there are parasites in the gut.

black eye shows that you may be sluggish circulation.

11, lip spot

9, mouth week lines

5, bags under the eyes or black eye

13, iris edge colored circle

fat people usually have a double chin, and not only that, but also a sign of hypothyroidism.

eyebrows in the middle of the longitudinal portrait of the right side of the eyebrows: that your liver is not healthy.

crow’s feetBecause When

are you smoking? These longitudinal lines are usually caused by smoking. In addition, it may also indicate your poor sexual ability.

nose redness may because the heart is not very healthy due, perhaps a heart burden.


Have a small circle of color red nose

6, cheek central tenderness point

said you may be allergic, it is easy to allergies. In addition, may be less sexual desire.

usually, we call it "worry lines". When we are worried, often wrinkled forehead, a long time will form the worry lines. It reflects our daily intake of alcohol, sugar, fat, too much.


eyebrows in the middle of the portrait near the left side of the portrait: that your spleen is weak.

, 10 vertical lines at the top of the upper lip

12, double chin

if you laugh often leads to the appearance of lines is normal, but if the smile is deep, that your pancreas health problems, there may be a symptom of diabetes.

8, the corner of the mouth longitudinal deep lines

14, temporal artery

3, deep embossed

2, vertical lines on both sides of the eyebrows

mouth deep vertical lines, may indicate that your reproductive capacity is weak.

at the edge of the iris of the eye, indicating that cholesterol is too high.

lateral root

, the 1 stripes above the forehead

can not see things, need to see or not to open his eyes in bright light with narrowed eyes will form the outer corner of the eye fine lines. At the same time, also indicates that your liver is not healthy.

spots — intestinal health problems may exist.

laugh too deep careful pancreatic problems! Facial fine lines suggest health status

there are bags under the eyes that some swelling of the body, in addition, your kidneys may not be healthy.

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