Restaurant location of these errors do not commit

restaurant location is the restaurant venture Road Chinese key first step, why the restaurant location is so important, Xiaobian tell you the location selected, as in the battlefield occupy a favorable terrain, has geographical advantages. The location is not selected, close to the acquired in operation, promotion efforts, often powerless. Let’s look at the restaurant location of the six fatal errors.

fatal error: blindly into the new site

has a very good new venue, all aspects are ideal, but the business is not good, the problem is in the investment section. Because the shopping center resources integration, brand location planning lack, cause the entire mall dead; developers in order to expand investment area to create performance, to use space to do addition, sacrifice function originally, but do not care about the survival has been stationed in the business, brand layout confusion, the flow guide line is broken, consumers feel unhappy; the store visibility is not high, advertising is not enough, resulting in many food and beverage brands in closed exit.

in the two or three line of the city, in the construction and to be constructed, built empty shopping center location, people should pay more attention to the development, developers planning, investment, operation, marketing, property management and comprehensive strength. Do not be misled by his investment promotion, to have their own judgment, would like to wait for the opening of the second wave of brand adjustment when looking for opportunities to enter, do not rush the first to eat crab.

fatal error: two cheap to store, in

restaurant owner hopes to store into the apartment building, intended to snatch the crowd, but it also exists certain risk. First of all, the interior of the building on each floor of the vacancy rate can be stabilized at a low level; secondly, how to building people’s spending habits, more love to change the surrounding environment to try new, or love in building simple eating; again, around the building if there is enough catering facilities, their own the catering service environment, service on the dishes, whether can make a difference. In addition, do, shop in the pure office area, work on business is mainly concentrated in the lunch, Saturday Sunday is almost no business. Such a short period of time to bring greater pressure on the restaurant revenue.


, in such buildings, mostly can get preferential price or rent payment policy, but in the face of these risks, it is difficult to resist. Therefore, do business in the office area, business hours are relatively limited, coupled with the establishment of stores in the building, more people can not be introduced into the outside world. Choose the shop in the building, to think clearly, more cautious.

fatal error three: too much trust in the landlord


A lot of

pavement is in the hands of the hands of middleman landlord. As mentioned in the first fatal case above,

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