Paper shop has a wide developing space worthy of attention

as long as the market demand, to meet consumer demand, small entrepreneurial projects can still win huge profits. A Guangzhou paper stores saw modern people’s leisure needs, with a few million started, to now looking for the franchisee to expand market share. This paper shop business including the production of paper flowers, Holland, Taiwan stereo stereo projection painting paper, Spain, Japan and Taiwan Paget door origami paper rattan flower, raw material is relatively simple.

1. joined the investment budget costs 8000 yuan


3. first payment of 12000 yuan rent (15 square meters to about 3000 yuan) of

4. the need to provide students and chairs to the production of paper, so need to purchase at least 1 long tables and 6 chairs, a total of about 500 yuan 5 put the paper craft windows, wooden frame, a total value of about 2000 yuan: 25500 yuan

paper market potential learning as a way of leisure, a young white-collar workers of all ages, and this part of the population consumption capacity is higher, all can afford the expense. At present, there are a lot of gaps in this field in Guangzhou, so it has a broad space for development.

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