Regional entrepreneurship electricity supplier ndustrial Park was established in Greater Khingan Ra

now how all parts of the country are in the creation of some industrial park, at the same time, this creates some of the electricity supplier Industrial Park is to promote the development of electronic commerce, around the industry recently, an industrial park that has held the opening ceremony in Greater Khingan Range area.

7 24, Greater Khingan Range area people business industrial park opening ceremony held in Canada, deputy secretary Zhao Mei Industrial Park and opening speech.

in the industrial park, Zhao Mei cordially with the electricity supplier entrepreneurs talk, and a detailed understanding of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs product sales, turnover and other specific circumstances. She encouraged business entrepreneurs to benefit by mutual discussion and learn from each other, to ensure the quality of products. To establish a unified product quality standards, to create a good Greater Khingan Range green pollution-free Santak product brand, to sell the mountains of good products, but also to make a good product to sell a good price.



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