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mastitis after broken Kui pus, pus drainage, can eliminate the swelling and pain reduction and more acute mastitis often accompanied by ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement, tenderness;

Alcohol wipe the nipple at the end of pregnancy by a 75% The diagnosis of breast disease

fine needle aspiration biopsy: the pus can be extracted, the essence of the suction cells, inflammatory cells can be seen.

3, women, or with warm water to wash, "

: pathological examination of the abscess wall, fistula wall and complete tumor resection and pathological examination, the diagnosis can be established.


mastitis: easily confused with the mass of non lactation mastitis in. But for patients with breast disease in the elderly, the course is progressive, solid mass, the boundary is not clear, often chain and papilla years depression prone to axillary lymph node metastasis, tumor free local skin redness and pain, no abscess, often can be identified. However, individual cases still need to rely on pathological sections for final diagnosis. Plasma cell mastitis: for the elderly more, early onset often dilatation of symptoms and signs, such as the nipple and areola of breast Beaded small nodules, often involving bilateral lesions. Pathological examination can diagnose.

experts explain: diagnosis of mastitis usually need to go through ultrasound, fine needle aspiration biopsy, pathological examination and so on.

ultrasound: visible heterogeneous mass center or a small abscess formation or multiple small abscess cavity.

how to diagnose mastitis?

white blood cell count and neutrophil count increased. If the improper treatment of mastitis and abscess is likely to puncture the pectoralis major fascia before the loose connective tissue, form after breast abscess; or milk from the wound place overflow formation can occur even galactorrhea mastitis; sepsis.

1, lactation milk stasis caused by acute mastitis to active treatment. Do breast massage, to dredge the milk discharge tube, pickled tofu, detumescence, plays an important role. Prompt treatment of infection with nipple rupture.

2, duration more than 10 days, breast red skin color, strong thermal annealing, increased pain, lumps of central soft, according to a wave motion, it has been festering. To timely drainage, so as not to cause the change of transmission.

incidence of acute mastitis, accompanied by fever, chills, disease side breast swelling and heat pain, lumps appear, and finally the formation of abscess. The beginning of mastitis swelling, pain, breast tenderness, surface redness, fever; if continue to develop, then symptoms of mastitis, breast putsation ache. Serious mastitis is accompanied by a high fever, chills, breast swelling, local skin redness, induration, pain, ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement and tenderness. Mastitis inflammation within a few days to soften, the formation of breast abscess, abscess has wave motion, deep skin redness and wave motion is not obvious.

female breast inflammation can have fever, chills, disease side breast swelling and heat pain, lumps appear, finally the formation of abscess symptoms occurred, mastitis should be how to do

Six methods to prevent mastitis:

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