Henan house inventory experts say 15 years can not sell

in the face of the current social situation, in the face of rising housing prices, I think a lot of small partners and small series, like the crazy growth of prices, said there is no language. The level of economic development here, wages are here, prices so high, there is a demand of the people can not afford, bite the bullet and buy a house, then became a slave. The current serious inventory of houses in Henan, experts say 15 years can not sell.

17 evening, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released the first half of Henan economic data. 18, the Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences of Henan "economic blue book" research group held a seminar of experts on the first half of 2016 Henan economic operation analysis and Prospect of the year expressed different views.

[first half results]

Zhengzhou E trade volume of the country’s first


research group pointed out that this year, the province in the expansion of aggregate demand at the same time, vigorously promote the supply side structural reforms introduced 8 key industries in the 10 annual action plan, the optimization of financing services 26 measures, reducing the cost of special operations 10 areas 50 measures such as a series of policy combination.

first half of the year, our province economy presents Siwensijin "feature. Four "stability" refers to: the overall stability of agricultural production investment in fixed assets, ease of stabilization, steady growth, employment market prices basically stable; "four" refers to the structural adjustment and promote economic benefits continue to improve, the effectiveness of supply side structural reforms, obvious innovation effects appear.

is worth mentioning is that the first half of this year, Zhengzhou city E trade total business volume of 15 million 601 thousand, the value of 1 billion 400 million yuan, the total amount of single comprehensive tax 6%, ranks first in a national pilot city, Henan E trade business development of new fashion.

[in the first half of the year]

enterprise efficiency is not good, 43 thousand people unemployed

although the first half of our province has made some achievements, but the economic downward pressure, not ease the enterprise production and management difficulties, not alleviate the lack of investment growth potential, foreign trade situation did not alleviate the declining trend of no relief.

Yuan Jinxing, deputy director of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economic research, said, from 1 to May this year, the province’s industrial producer price index has declined for the first time in a row, the entire market demand weakness is not fundamentally improved

. 1 to April, oil and natural gas mining industry, coal mining and dressing industry appeared respectively 3 billion 410 million yuan and 770 million yuan loss. With the decline slowed production efficiency, decreased the number of workers in these industries with 43 thousand people, the formation of a certain is recommended

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