How to make effective supply

Spring Festival is a very important traditional festival in china. In short, the year is approaching, is the annual cigarette sales season, every time this time, the tobacco companies supply due to the annual plan, lead to "effective supply" is relatively tight. How do cigarette retailers use these limited "effective sources" to earn more profits and to attract and consolidate their customer relationships? Here are some suggestions:

first, the effective supply as a brand recommended opportunities for the development of tobacco retail users can deliver a number of tobacco companies, the effective supply not to be placed in the display area. Because most of the consumers into the store to buy cigarettes, is first to see if you want to buy cigarettes in the display area, if not to find the brand, will replace, choose a brand from this time, cigarette retailers will need to "cigarette brands" recommended to consumers, so as to improve "cultivate brand" under the counter rate.

two, the "effective supply" as the development of new customers chips in some regional retail larger flow of people into the store to buy goods, if you do not buy People are hurrying to and fro., they want to buy goods, a large part of the consumer will choose to go home to see a few, then retail households to seize the opportunity, timely will "effective supply" out to attract consumers, sometimes "effective supply" to earn some money, but in the minds of consumers to establish a good impression of adequate supply ".

three, the "effective supply" as a means to consolidate old customers and the flow of people in some rural areas with less competition, pressure is not less than other areas, because customers are so few, so how to consolidate their old customers, has become the top priority of the retailer, the "effective supply" to retain old customers means is necessary, but not as a whole to sell, sell down to zero, because it can satisfy more consumer demand, so that the old customers to spend will not be disappointed, but also gathered in the popular retail stores.

some retail households, although there is an effective supply, but it did not really play a role, resulting in the supply did not bring greater profits to the operators. In short, how limited the "effective supply" to play a greater role, there are different views in different regions, different retailers, can not be generalized. However, one thing is the same, if we play the role of effective supply, the cigarette business will be better and better, which will lead to other merchandise sales.

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