From the clean glass to the net worth of millions of experience

look at this topic is not very surprised, the glass can become a millionaire? Do not do not believe that this is a true story, let Xiaobian I take you to see what is going on.

he came alone from the countryside to the city, only junior high school graduation, the body is very thin, only to find some light physical work. He went to a cleaning company, the main work is to clean the glass, the company management board and lodging, 300 yuan monthly salary.

he was satisfied, and he worked very hard. Someone asked him: "you are so small, why not go to school at home, earn money out of suffering?" He said: "my family was poor, his father dead, mother farming, there was no money for me to go to school, my culture is too low, can have the job very satisfied, but also a month to send money home."

he has been cleaning the company in the cleaning company, his colleagues for a batch after batch, and some even just do three or four days because of too little salary, dirty work, he has been holding this position. For five years, he is already the size of the age of the group of children, the city’s office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, almost all of them have to serve many times in the past more than and 20 years. He works as hard as ever, meticulous, many customers also called the company sent him over, he has become the company’s image spokesperson.

people know him, he and his service to become acquaintances and friends. One day, a new girl asked him: "I heard that you have wiped the glass for five years, earning only $300 a month, why not change a job?" He smiled and said: "will change."

one day, the familiar glass cleaner suddenly disappeared. A few days later, a fast food restaurant opened, the boss is to wipe the glass for five years. Fast food is adapted to the fast-paced city, the competition is extremely intense, and his fast food restaurant is quickly opened up the situation.

reason is very simple, he wiped the glass in five years, went through every office, hotels, shopping malls, to get to know the people inside, the performance of the glass cleaning for five years has left a deep impression on people. When his fast food restaurant developed to the corner of the city, the assets of more than 10 million, the people who know him with emotion, said: "the boss had to wipe the glass for five years."

interviewed him and asked him how to open a fast food restaurant with a glass cleaner, and stand out from a number of strong competitors. He said, "because I’ve been cleaning the glass for five years, and it’s very good."!"

have heard similar stories, said a young man killed the fish in the supermarket when, later became a millionaire, is not to say that as long as the clean glass or kill the fish can be successful, is that no matter what are trying to work hard to do, it is recommended

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